Fresh fruit from Cova da Beira Valley  

Our company, Beiraberry, has been created in May 2012, with the purpose of producing and commercialization Blueberries. Our farm is about 3 Ha and located in Vila do Ferro, Covilhã (Cova da Beira Valley) near “Serra da Estrela” mountain, Portugal. Our farm produces about 20 ton of fruit per year.

The Blueberry is a fruit with a high nutritional value, loaded with a wide range of antioxidants and vitamins, usually called the “youth fruit”.

Cova da Beira Valley is a very fit place to produce the Northern Highbush species, because of the climate in this location. Our varieties of the Northern Highbush Blueberries are: Duke, Bluecrop, Chandler, Draper, Liberty and Elliot.


The majority of our production is exported to countries like France, Holland, Switzerland, England and other countries in Northern Europe because that population loves our selected Northern Highbush Blueberries species.


With the natural increase of production in 2017, our commercialization now also includes the local and national markets in Iberian Peninsula, offering our fresh fruit with the best potential quality to all Portuguese and Spanish consumers.


This short food supply chain, characterized by the shorter distance between the producer and the consumer, provide many benefits:

  • Answers the fundamental question about the origin of the fruit;

  • Improve the safety and ensure the quality of the fruit, eliminating intermediates and maintaining the freshness of the fruit;

  • The elimination of intermediates also offers at the same time better value for the customer and fairer economic return to the producer;

  • Reduces the environment footprint, making the circuit from the rural producer to the final consumer direct, short and fast.


Because of this reasons, our commercial activity is as seasonal as the production itself, which happens only in June, July and August when the harvest occurs.


We deliver fresh Blueberries in continental Portugal and Spain, in the next business day after the harvest. In Cova da Beira Valley we can even deliver the fruit in the same day the fruit was hand picked.


The recognized quality of the Beiraberry fruit directly from our farm to your home.





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